How BMVSS Helps Amputees Recover From Emotional Trauma

People with disabilities pass through emotional stress and grief, especially amputees who have lost their limbs to unexpected accidents or illnesses. While family and friends share their grief and sympathy with the person following their amputation, only a few could really understand that the amputee is experiencing trauma.

Amputees undergo the stages of physical pain and emotional shock. It begins right from the day of accident or illness and carries on for several weeks. No amputee can accept the reality of being   amputated. This is where the amputee receives support and personal attention from family, friends, and medical staff. Slowly, the amputee learns to accept his or her condition on an emotional level.

When the amputee acknowledges the disability, he or she will experience a whirlwind of emotions: a coalescence of anger, fear, frustration, embarrassment, self-denial, uncertainty, low self-esteem, anguish, and depression.

As the amputee struggles to overcome the emotional turbulence, he or she will seek ways to replace something that has been lost in order to start life anew.

Jaipur Foot doesn't merely enable the amputees to achieve physical independence but provides them new hope to regain their life back.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), the innovative creators of Jaipur Foot, not only offers artificial limbs, other aids, and appliances but also provides a patient-centered system that deals with patients, who are mostly economically disadvantaged.

BMVSS sees to it that new hope is rekindled by providing patient support services such as physiotherapy, trauma counseling, and mental rehabilitation - all free of cost.


BMVSS possesses a fully functional physiotherapy centre in Jaipur flanked by state-of-the-art equipment and technology as well as highly trained technicians. Patients need to undergo physiotherapy to help them recover muscle strength. This may be provided either before or after the prosthesis fitment or at both times. Patients can seek specialised therapy offered in the centre, such as Cryo Plus Heat Therapy or Cervical Traction.

Trauma counseling

Mental strife often attacks amputees. Aside from physical support, BMVSS administers emotional counseling in such a way that the patient may gradually have emotional independence, before or after fitment. This process aims to help overcome the feelings of helplessness of amputees.

Mental rehabilitation

BMVSS knows that it’s vital for amputees to be served with empathy, personal care, and attention. As Devendra Raj Mehta, chief patron and founder of BMVSS, explains, “Not only did we want to ensure physical rehabilitation of the disabled, we also wanted to restore their social and economic status in society. It was important to get back their mobility but it was equally important to bring back their self-respect and help them return to a life of economic productivity.” (Chhibber, 2015).

These measures were taken by BMVSS to support any person after amputation and return their life’s momentum in a gradual, but comforting way. With BMVSS/Jaipur Foot, amputees can harness new confidence and energy to live life fully once again.