Fabrication processes and materials

Jaipur Foot Technology

BMVSS uses the famous Jaipur Foot. It is the parent body for Jaipur Foot. Jaipur Foot is technically distinct from other foot / limb technologies. Jaipur Foot was developed at the S.M.S. Medical College Hospital, Jaipur in 1968 by a group of eminent orthopedic surgeons and highly innovative craftsmen. The subsequent developments in the technology, since 1975, were under aegis of BMVSS.

Like all lower limb prosthesis, the Jaipur Foot / limb Technology has three vital components namely -

The technology for all these three components is unique and innovative.

The average normal life span of a Jaipur Foot / artificial limb is between 3 to 4 years depending on use.

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Fabrication Process