Our reach

Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) is the world's largest nonprofit organisation serving the disabled. BMVSS's services have benefited over 1.3 million people with physical disabilities.

Founded in Jaipur in 1975, BMVSS has 22 branches across India. From just 59 artificial limbs fitted in 1975, the organisation has scaled up its operations to distribute about 60,000 aids and appliances to handicapped people annually.

BMVSS holds field camps at various locations within the country to help patients who have financial and physical difficulty in travelling to the main centres. Doctors and technicians travel with equipment and materials to the various locations. On-the-spot fabrication and fitment of prosthetic limbs and other aids and appliances are provided by the organisation at these camps. In a year, over 50 such camps are held. BMVSS workers and volunteers also use mobile vans to access remote areas.

As a humanitarian organisation, BMVSS knows no frontiers. The disabled all over the world are its concern. To date, it has held more than 50 on-the-spot artificial limb and caliper fitment camps in 26 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. As done within the country, BMVSS doctors and technicians travel with equipment to the camps held abroad. The fitment camps are supported and organised by local donors, local governments and others to provide on-the-spot limb fitment facility. Patients do not have to come twice as in the general healthcare system.

BMVSS has established associate centres in Pakistan and the Philippines and has set up a joint venture in Colombia, the Mahaveer K Mina Foundation. It has also helped set up independent prosthetic fitment centres in Asia, Africa and Latin America.