Other mobility aids

From its founding till December 2011, BMVSS has distributed more than 84,000 wheelchairs and tricycles.

Hand-pedalled tricycles
Patients who have lost both their feet or have lost mobility of their lower limbs due to polio or other reasons have to crawl or be carried around. Hand-pedalled tricycles, with the Indian Standard Institute mark, provided by BMVSS free of cost enable them to move around independently and with dignity.
A special wheelchair cum pedalled tricycle developed by MIT USA with BMVSS as a partner is particularly useful for off-road undulated terrains, mostly for paraplegic patients, bilateral amputees and bilateral polio patients. Field trials have given a positive feedback. The wheelchairs of the design of World Health Organisation are also being fabricated & supplied to patients particularly those suffering from paraplegia.

BMVSS provides crutches to needy people with disabilities. The crutches have ISI certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards of the Government of India.

Other orthopaedic aids and appliances
Other assistive aids are tailormade based on the needs of patients.

Hearing aids
On a small scale, hearing aids are also being provided to patients suffering mainly from profound hearing loss.