Associate centres and joint ventures

  • Mahaveer Seva Sadan, Kolkata.
  • Dr. Sankuntla Mishra Rehabilitation University, Lucknow.
  • Philippines
  • Mahaveer Philippines Foundation, Manila, Philippines, has three centres in Philippines:
    Manila (two) and Zamboanga (one).
  • Pakistan
  • HASWA Artificial Limb Fitting Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • National Rural Support Program (NRSP), Islamadabad, Pakistan.
  • USA
  • Jaipur Foot Inc. USA
    In the USA, BMVSS has set up a subsidiary called as Jaipur Foot Inc. USA. It is a non-profit tax exempted organization under section 501(c)(3) in the USA, which will enable donors of USA, get 100% Tax Exemption for its user of Jaipur Foot in India
  • Details necessary for donations to Jaipur Foot Inc.USA are as under:
Name of Beneficiary Jaipur Foot Inc.
Beneficiary Bank Bank of America
ABA/Routing Number Domestic Wire Routing: 026009593
International Wire Swife Code BOFAUS3N
Beneficiary Bank Bank of America
Bank Account Number 483068037506
Bank Address 550 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10036
Tel: 800-432-1000
Contact Prem Bhandari (2022475400, 5165890961)
Manish Daddha (2019218765)
Neelu Daddha, Vibhor Daddha (001-2012421811)
    Joint ventures
  • Mahaveer K Mina Foundation based in Medellin, Northern Colombia.
  • National Disability Institure, Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • Global Rainbow Foundation, Mauritius.
  • Further, BMVSS has helped set up a large number of independent artificial limb fitment centres in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Jaipur Foot Korea Patients are empowered by providing them with limbs, assistance, etc, which give them mobility and also restores their economic capabilities. Further, on a selective basis, BMVSS also provides vocational training to young amputees and assistance for self-employment. All these provide dignity as well.

Jaipur Foot Korea
# 802,162,Jeonga II-ro,Bundang-gu,Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Ms AN Jin-kyung,Chairwoman-Resident Director,Korea & East Asia.

Mr Rakshit Mehta, Co-Chair, Jaipur Foot Korea, resident Director, Switzerland-Europe & Asia.

Prof Ryou Jung-Suk, Secretary General, Jaipur Foot Korea, resident Director, Korea & Asia.
Email: Jryou@jaipurkorea.org